Betzen Trenching, Inc., is always seeking new ways to improve productivity across the board. The construction industry is moving in a new direction, and we are committed to staying on the leading edge.

Our services include commercial & residential new services and replacements including, but not limited to, water, electric, gas and communication lines.

By having the latest equipment available, BTI is committed to delivering the best job, every time. Contact us today and learn what all we have to offer.

Trenching / Excavating

With trenchers and backhoes small enough to access through a 36-inch gate or large enough to trench a full six-foot deep, we have the proper equipment for every job. Our equipment also includes tampers, which enable us to compact back to the spoils to reduce settlement.

Betzen Trenching, Inc., can handle residential backyard footings, utility service replacements and all commercial digging by the foot, by the hour or by the job.

Directional Drilling

Today, many communities prohibit open-cut excavations across streets, highways, driveways and sidewalks – directional drilling minimizes surface damage to existing surface structures. For example, we can do water or electric replacements without disturbing your landscaping, driveway, sidewalk or even commercial parking lot.

We have installed material as small as ¾ inch and as large as 24 inches. From the smallest residential to the largest commercial, under roadways or driveways, we manage directional drilling for any need.


With more and more utilities installed underground, it sometimes becomes necessary to visibly locate these lines before any more are installed. Hydro-vac technology allows us to remove soil using high-pressure water and vacuum to expose utilities without damaging them.

Hydro-Vac is ideal for locating existing utilities but it can also be used to vacuum holes – i.e., when underground utilities are a concern and augering is not an option like with flag poles, fence posts or utility poles.